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Land Ethics and Social Justice

20年来,Leopold Week要求公民反思他们与自然世界的关系。利奥波德的话——美丽而雄辩——吸引了世界各地的参与,并因为一个尚未得到回应的道德呼吁而持久,这个道德呼吁维系了自然世界,进而也维系了我们。


Here at the Aldo Leopold Foundation we use Leopold Week togrow our thinking community and build an ethic of care for all.From the very first event in 2000, Leopold Week has grown to global participation of thousands through community readings, film screenings, outdoor activities, and this year, virtual presentations. But unlike years past, the social injustices unfolding in our communities have challenged us to converge the historically parallel, but separate conservation and social justice movements.

As part of our own internal work at the Aldo Leopold Foundation we are committed to engaging, listening to, and learning from friends and colleagues. We are understanding what we know and don’t know about how Aldo Leopold himself thought about diversity and justice. We see the energy and attention that Leopold Week generates as an opportunity to introduce and amplify many of these voices and perspectives within our “thinking community.”




Leopold Week 2021: Building an Ethic of Care Program Recordings

Why Words From the Land Matter

由Drew Lanham博士介绍。听兰厄姆博士的鼓舞人心的话,他指导我们通过讨论社会运动,不同的声音,以及如何写作通知保护对话。

Land Ethics, Social Justice, and Aldo Leopold

Presented by Drs. Curt Meine, Eduardo Santana Castellón, Lin Qi Feng, and Priscilla Ybarra. Journey with the panelists as they examine the broad arc of Western conservation history, the evolution of a shared land ethic, and the progress and work ahead of us.

Green Fire Then, Now, and Tomorrow: Examining an Evolving Land Ethic

Presented by film contributors, Bill McDonald, Dr. Curt Meine, Leslie Weldon, and Michael Howard. In celebration of the 10th anniversary ofGreen Fire,we brought together diverse voices from the film, to reflect on how the land ethic has evolved since the film first premiered and how we can work together to forge a more inclusive and resilient ethic of care for the decade ahead.

Aldo Leopold, Phenology, and Climate Change



This work, your work – our work – is needed more than ever. We invite you to explore the following resources, and continue in whatever ways you can to shape this convergence for positive change and help build an ethic of care for all.

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