Three tour options for 188bet备用网址visiting the Leopold Center and Leopold Shack and Farm are offered:

Guided public and self-guided tours are free for members of the 188bet官方网Aldo Leopold Foundation.

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Our most popular tour offering,guided public tours of the利奥波德小屋和农场are offered on Saturdays at 1:00 pm from April 20th through October 26th.During peak season,June 17th through August 30th,weekday tours are also offered.(Monday – Saturday at 1:00 pm).导游大约持续两个小时,由知识渊博的导游带领。

小屋周围的土地是奥尔多·利奥波德在A Sand County Almanacand continues to be a living classroom for exploring ecological relationships and conservation history.Come hear stories 金宝博官方网about the pioneering restoration work initiated by Leopold and his family,看看小屋的内部,and stroll through restored prairie and woods along the Wisconsin River.

Guided public tour feesare $15 for adults;$10 for seniors (age 62 and older);儿童8美元(11-17岁)。Tours are free for 188bet官方网Aldo Leopold Foundation members and children 10 years old and younger.

We appreciate advanced registration for tours and recommend them for Saturdays.Please note that public tours may not be available on some Saturdays due to special events.


Self-Guided Tours

Can't make it when we have a guided tour scheduled?Leopold小屋和Leopold中心的自助游在我们的188bet备用网址visitinghours.然而,因为有时由于特殊事件或天气条件(例如:heavy snow cover in winter),we recommend calling ahead: 608.355.0279.

188bet备用网址Visitors to the Leopold Center should also feel free to explore ourexhibits and trails.

Self-Guided Shack Tours

Self-guided tours of theShackare permitted year-round during188bet备用网址visitinghours,除了冬天积雪过多的时候。你必须先到利奥波德中心办理登机手续,然后才能开始自助参观小屋。

Self-guided 188bet备用网址visitors explore the Shack and surrounding land guided by a brochure that includes a trail map,historic photos of the land,and background information on Aldo Leopold's history and legacy.The trail loop on the property is approximately one mile in length.A side trail leads to the Wisconsin River through a beautiful floodplain forest,秃鹰,cranes,和其他野生动物经常被发现。

Note that the Shack itself is shuttered and locked during self-guided tours.

导游费每人7美元。These tours are free to 188bet官方网Aldo Leopold Foundation members and children aged 10 and younger.


leopold-center-aqueductWhen theLeopold Centeropened in 2007,it was among the"greenest" buildings在这个国家——21世纪奥尔多·利奥波德的土地伦理的一个反映。

Self-guided audio tours of the Leopold Center are available anytime during our188bet备用网址visitinghours.Made 金宝博官网网址possible by a grant from the National Association for Interpretation,Region 5,这42分钟,音频巡演带您参观整个中心,详细描述设计技术,替代能源技术,以及用来建造它的绿色建筑材料。If you are an 188bet官方网Aldo Leopold Foundation member or have already paid admission to another guided or self-guided tour,there is no charge for the audio tour.


Are you 188bet备用网址visiting with a group?You can schedule your own tour of the Shack and Farm or Leopold Center on any dates and times that we're open to the public.