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Make a gift to the 188bet官方网Aldo Leopold Foundation.With your help,we can continue to advance the future of conservation through Leopold's legacy.

There are two main ways to give:

  • Donate to our annual fundand help support our exhibits,programs,and community outreach,including care of theLeopold Shackand surrounding landscape.
  • Support a specific campaign.Past campaigns helped produce the Leopold documentary film,Green Fire,and construct theLeopold Center– a cultural center where people of all ages learn 金宝博官方网about Leopold's contributions to conservation.

Ourlatest initiativeis theFuture Leaders Campaign.

However you choose to contribute,知道它将确保未来的教学,learning,inspiring,and changing lives through the legacy of Leopold.

The Impact of Your Donation

A$50gift buys a pair of brush chaps for a member of our land stewardship team.The Leopold Foundation works year-round to restore ecological health and integrity toour landand the largerLeopold-Pine Island Important Bird Area (IBA),a critical zone of habitat for rare and declining bird species that surrounds the historic Leopold Shack.

A donation of$100subsidizes the cost of providing tour guides for one 188bet备用网址visit to the Leopold Shack and Farm by a school or community group.Each year,the Leopold Foundation hosts 188bet备用网址visitors ranging from kindergartners to senior citizens.

A gift of$250covers the cost of materials for oneLand Ethic Leadersworkshop.More than 20 such workshops are held each year to provide teachers,conservation leaders,and community advocates with the tools they need to connect wider audiences to Leopold's land ethic and deepen their own engagement with this idea.

A$500contribution purchases the art supplies needed to provide hands-on art projects for both children and adults during our annual Family Day and Art Day.

Please contact our development department at 608.355.0279 if you have questions 金宝博官方网about contributing to our annual fund or one of our campaigns.

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