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Several staff members unpacking display cases in the exhibit hall the day they arrived.

Behind the Scenes of Exhibit Hall Revitalization

When you visit the Aldo Leopold Foundation to hike our trails or visit窝棚, the main building you’ll see is theAldo Leopold Legacy Center。It was built in 2007. Its largest room, the Exhibit Hall, had not changed much since then—until last summer when the tides of change began to stir with the arrival of the 2019-2020 cohort of fellows in theFuture Leaders Program。In the Future Leaders Program, each fellow has a fellowship project. This helps to ensure that we each have a deliverable at the end of our fellowship—a project we were tasked with spearheading. My fellowship project was Exhibit Hall Revitalization.

As project manager of Exhibit Hall Revitalization, I was in both familiar territory and uncharted waters. I had managed projects before as a leader of student organizations at my university, but this was different. This time, I had a much larger scope in terms of time, space, and budget. What could I do with 1,100ft210个月?每个人都包括,想知道。一年后,我有答案。如果您也很好奇,我邀请您留下来调整,因为我将窗帘拉回窗帘,以如何对现实取得成立!

Suzanne’s project planning documents: layout sketches, work breakdown diagrams, Gantt charts, vendor estimates, and product samples.

Where to begin? I started by letting my imagination run wild. Tempered with a bit of background research and feasibility assessments, I then sketched layouts, acquired cost estimates, and drafted timelines. With these in hand, I shared my ideas with the Program Director and saw his eyes light up in excitement. He believed in my vision and provided the resources needed to bring it to life.

凭借的范围,我直接下班定义项目目标并思考如何实现这些目标。金宝博官方网虽然有关于发现172岁的Bur橡树饼干和研究档案级展示案件的金宝博官方网故事,但我将专注于寻求装饰墙壁的任务。展览馆中丰富的垂直房地产为新内容提出了无与伦比的机会,但大问题是,那么内容应该是什么?我们该如何讲述我们的主角的故事,Aldo Leopold?


Blue tape was used to outline where the wall panels would be installed.


随着撰写的作品,主要是史蒂夫瑞典文nsen斯坦寺, we were fortunate to bring on a new team member with extensive experience in graphic design:Andy Radtke。Andy and I discussed how we might work best together as the project shifted phases from written storytelling to visual storytelling—complementary and overlapping but inherently distinctive efforts. From mock-ups and stakeholder feedback to brainstorming sessions and image sourcing, it was an expressive dance. Fraught with changing tempos and new step combinations, Andy and I applied our combined powers to design co-creation.

Arik Duhr (Site Manager) installing the first wall panel!

用他的诀窍来制作一些东西,以及我的调查决定,他在软件程序中努力工作,我去了追捕digital archives。就像在一个无限迹象中运行:聚集在一起合作,摇摆分开收集资源,聚在一起进行故障排除,摇摆分开做一些深刻的思考。我们开发了一个有效的协同作用,这对任何在振兴展览馆散步的人都将显而易见,现在装饰着壮观的墙板。

While wall panels take the cake as most time-consuming from idea inception to installation, they were not the only project components at play. Artifact curation and construction of interactive components were also great feats that are best experienced in-person. As you walk the space, you’ll see my touch in curated artifacts and you’ll see the craftsmanship ofArik Duhrfrom a saddle stand made from Leopold Pine to window drawers in Leopold Desk Company desks to the impressive welding and woodwork of the acrylic flipbooks. We hope you’ll188bet备用网址 一旦我们再次向公众开放,以便漫游为自己。

Suzanne with the Systems Thinking module and center display cases.

我们的展览会振兴的目标仍然坚定不移,尽管实现了他们当然的方式发展了。我们现在很自豪地分享Leopold的故事,使游客能够与他的生命和工作的不同方面亲自联系起来。188bet备用网址此外,我们要感谢科勒信任保存和Leopold基金会董事会成员Dr. Susan Fladerfor providing the investments and vision necessary to make this possible!


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